Destination Mexico Confirmed as Official Partner to the 2016 SSE Women's Invitational

We are delighted to welcome back Visit Mexico as an Official Partner to the 2016 SSE Women's Invitational. Visit Mexico are once again providing an unbelievable prize, the details of which will be revealed on Monday May 16th.

Have you experienced Mexico lately? Mexico’s diversity is like no other.

Mexico has a wide variety of destinations and attractions which will satisfy even the most demanding of tourists. You can start by immersing yourself in 3,000 years of incredible cultural history with archaeological sites and attractions all over the country. Walk through colonial towns or explore stunning beaches with powdery white sand that span the coastline along both the Caribbean Sea and Paci c Coast. And don’t forget our thriving cosmopolitan cities with their vibrant nightlife, modern gastronomical delights and both contemporary and ancient art. For thrill seekers, Mexico o ers unparalleled adventures where travellers can ride exhilarating rapids, climb steep rock faces and cycle on some of the most amazing trails in the world.

Discover why Mexico is an unmissable place to visit. You have to live it to believe it.