2016 SSE Women's Invitational

The second SSE Women’s Invitational took place on Wednesday at the stunning Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club. Although not exclusively for women, the bespoke event paves the way for female executives from all industries to mix business and golf.

SSE welcomed around 90 attendees, some of whom were picking up a golf club for the first time, in the name of breaking down barriers and allowing women to benefit from the advantages of doing business in a golf environment.

Rosie MacRae, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at SSE is keen to breakdown more barriers with next year’s event: “Sometimes golf can attract the wrong type of headlines in the area of diversity but it’s a great game offering an opportunity to really get to know your fellow golfers. The handicap system allows all levels to play together, the young, old and everyone in between which means grandchildren and grandparents can all play together.”  

“Golf has got all the offerings to be one of the most inclusive sports and we want to help create that new world. Events like The SSE Women’s Invitational help demonstrate the positive impact diversity and inclusion can have on an organisation.”

Participants at the 2016 SSE Women’s Invitational enjoyed either a competitive round of golf, or, for the first-timers, expert tuition from PGA qualified professional coaches. And after a day of golf and debate around the issues of diversity in sport and business the guests were treated to a key-note speech from Judy Murray.



Selected Articles

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Hugely impressed with the event, management, and energy that you have created. First class.
Events like this are hugely important to showcase and develop women both in business and sport
— Liz Dimmock | Founder & CEO Women Ahead
The quality of the debate; the panel; the golfing element; the ‘pamper’ options; and, of course, Judy’s presentation were all excellent. It was obvious how much everyone was enjoying the event by how many people were still there at the end of the day
— Davina West, Sales Operations – Fleet Business Development Manager at Skoda
I loved being a part of the SSE Women’s Invitational - always such an inspiring event and I always make some great contacts too.
— Clare McDonnell BBC 5 Live